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TNA iMPACT! Results - October 13th, 2011
Published by Ryan Clark on 10/16/2011 at 01:03 AM

-This is the go home show for Bound for Glory tonight so lets see what they do with it.

Kurt Angle calls out Bobby Roode for one last talk before their showdown at Bound for Glory. Roode makes his way to the ring, and we have an OPENING TALKY BIT! They chant, "next world champ" for Roode, and Angle says Roode did it, he survived the gauntlet that was Fortune, and Roode passed the test. But he is not AJ, Storm or Kaz. He is Kurt Angle, the greatest wrestler of all time. Angle says he won the Olympic Gold, world titles every where he went, and most importantly, he has dominated TNA for five years all by himself. But he has to prove that he is the best, to at BFG, he promises to prove it to Roode. It's real, it's damn real. Angle offers to shake Roode's hand, and Roode backs off and grabs a mic. Roode says they both know what it takes to be a champion. It takes heart, and they can go to BFG and tear the house down for 30, 40 or 60-minutes, but the man with the biggest heart will survive. In 1996, Angle had the heart to overcome a broken neck. His entire career, Angle has been a machine, so at BFG, all Roode wants is to find out who has the bigger heart. Who will take TNA to the next level. Roode says at BFG no games, no Immortal, no Fortune, just man vs. man, for the title. Angle agrees, and they shake hands.

Angle then adds that Roode has a match tonight, made by Hogan and Bischoff. Tonight, he faces Gunner…and Jeff Jarrett​. Well that's not very sportsmanlike…

-RVD, Lynn, AJ and Daniels brawl backstage.

-And the brawl that started before the commercial spills out into the arena.

Jerry Lynn & Christopher Daniels vs. RVD and AJ Styles
RVD is still backstage as Daniels and Lynn neat down AJ. RVD finally jogs out and helps clean house. Lynn sent to the floor, monkey flip by RVD to Daniels. Slam by AJ, knee drop from AJ and the mounted rights follow. AJ sends Lynn back to the floor, tag to RVD and kicks to Daniels. RVD misses a spin kick, but gets a body scissors for 2. Roll up for 2. Daniels fights back with rights, off the ropes and RVD manages a slam. Rolling thunder stopped by Lynn and Daniels then tosses him to the floor. Lynn chokes out RVD on the floor and rolls him back in. Tag to Lynn, double team on RVD and a cover for 2. To the corner, RVD fights back, up top and the split legged moonsault eats knees. Clubbing blows by Lynn, tag back to Daniels and he lays the boots to RVD. He misses a corner splash, RVD tags AJ and he cleans house on Daniels. Off the ropes, DDT countered and a tag to Lynn. AJ with the dropkick and Daniels breaks up the pin. RVD in now, he send Daniels to the floor and follows with a dive. Lynn with the jawbreaker, baseball slide to RVD and to the floor he goes. AJ with the big dive wipes all three men out! Back in the ring with AJ and Daniels, Lynn in and eats a PELE. Daniels distracts AJ, who then gets the clash on Lynn as Daniels bails and AJ gets the pin.

OFFICIAL RESULT: RVD and AJ Styles @ 6:00 via pin

-Hogan and Sting will have a contract signing tonight.

Matt Morgan vs. Samoa Joe​
They start brawling at the bell. Joe in the offensive, rights to Morgan and then to the corner. Morgan fights back and slams Joe to the corner, and then gets a knee lift. Elbows by Morgan in the corner, but Joe counters a charge and then gets a back elbow and enziguri. Joe then lays the boots to Morgan, Morgan tires to fight back but Joe nails an elbow to drop Morgan. To the corner they go, running knee by Joe and sets Morgan up top. Morgan with rights, leaps over Joe, rolls him up and Morgan wins.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Matt Morgan @ 2:00 via pin

- Joe attacks Morgan after the match, and works the heel hook like move on Morgan. Morgan taps out and Crimson limps down to the ring with a chair. Nails Joe and clears him out of the ring. Joe gets a mic and says they keep saving each other's ass. He says this is a game of king of the jungle, and they are some beta males, scared of each other. Afraid to fight on another, so they get together like bitches and come after the alpha ass kicker. Joe makes the challenge for a three way at Bound for Glory. They can be the alpha, or the friends…

-We get a promo for the Jeff Hardy​ DVD.

-Mexican America are in the ring. They talk shit on Ink Inc. and say that they can do this Mexican prison style. Here comes Ink Inc. Neal on the mic, and says they come out here and bury America. He then says while they do that, they live in America. Neal then asks Anarquia to show off the tattoo they gave them. Moore then says to calm down, and says that they are in there with the tag team champions. He has a suggestion to make everyone happy. Moore tells them to leave, and they all brawl. The numbers game get to Ink Inc, and out of the crowd comes Christina von Eerie to lay out the ladies. The tide turns for Ink Inc and they clear the ring of Mexican America. They then beat down Anarquia, who gets rescued. Neal says to bring all the women they want at BFG, because they have theirs.

Brian Kendrick​ & Jesse Sorenson vs. Kid Kash & Austin Aries
As Aries and Kash talk on the floor, Sorenson and Kendrick dive onto them to ruin the conversation. In the ring, Sorenson works over Kash with dropkick and neckbreakers. Kash dumps Kendrick and the heels double team Sorenson. Double team moves and then a big elbow drop by Aries for 2. Front facelock by Aries, tag to Kash and the attack on Sorenson continues. Dump suplex by Kash gets 2. Tag to Aries, slingshot by Kash and Aries nails Sorenson. Then a slingshot elbow gets 2. Ear clap by Aries, tag to Kash and he lays the boots to Sorenson. Slaps him and more boots. Knees by Kash, a slam and Kash to the second rope, and then up top for a moonsault which eats knees. Manages a tag to Aries, Sorenson kicks him away and tags Kendrick. Slingshots in with a kick to Aries. Cleans house on the heels, and Kash elbows Aires accidentally. Kendrick stopped on the double sliced bread try. Kash and Aries argue here, and Sorenson spears Kash to the floor. Aries has the title belt, misses Kendrick. Superkick and the sliced bread by Kendrick onto the title belt gets the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Brian Kendrick & Jesse Sorenson @ 5:00 via pin

-Traci and Karen walk.

Velvet, Mickie and Winter w/Angelina all make their way to the ring. Karen and Traci then make their way out to the ring with Madison. Karen makes Traci hold the ropes open for them. Karen has the mic and says that she expects them to go make her proud at the PPV. She had to fight to get them on the PPV, so she expects results. She says no one wanted them on the card, because BFG is a night, an event of prestige. It is for the upper class, not for the street walking hoes, like Velvet. Velvet asks what Karen's issue is, and Karen says they are not even close to being done. She will say when she is done. She is class, and Velvet is trash. She is what every woman wants to be and what every man wants to see. Velvet, her crowd, is the scum of the earth, bottom of he barrel, pathetic losers. Karen claims to be a role model for the women. Velvet says maybe she is right, and maybe not. Velvet says they will find out and Karen will respect her. Velvet vows to win the Knockouts Title. Karen says she will win over her dead body/ Traci helps Velvet schoolboy trip Karen. And we have a brawl. Mickie tosses Angelina, Winter attacks her as Velvet beats down Madison. They all roll around, change positions, and security breaks it up. Karen also yells at Traci for what she did.

-Backstage Bully Ray, who will be the special enforcer for Anderson's match, which is next.

-AJ Styles rants backstage about Daniels. He says their families do not talk now due to Daniels wanting the one last match. Daniels attacks AJ and beats him down, yelling, "TALK YOUR SHIT NOW AJ! TALK IT NOW!" Daniels then says he wants the world to hear AJ say, "I QUIT."

Mr. Anderson vs. Scott Steiner
Anderson does his announcing deal, says assholes and such. Anderson…Anderson. Ray then talks shit to Anderson, and now, the match begins. Steiner attacks at the bell, and then clotheslines Anderson. Chops by Steiner in the corner, and then a belly to belly for 2. Boots by Steiner, chokes Anderson out in the ropes and more chops follow. Off the ropes and a clothesline, elbow drop, cover and pushups by Steiner. Boots by Steiner, rights follow. Chops by Steiner, off the ropes, overhead belly to belly by Steiner. Steiner yells at the ref while Ray yells at Anderson. Clubbing shots to the back by Steiner, chops follow. To the corner, back elbow by Anderson and then a neckbreaker for 2. Mic check by Anderson and Steiner has the ropes. Ray pulls Anderson to the floor, he nails Ray and then back in. LOW BLOW by Steiner, and the ref saw it and does nothing. Wow. Abyss is out now, in the ring and has Ray's chain. Steiner holds Anderson and he moves and Abyss nails Steiner. All in front of the ref. Anderson covers for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mr. Anderson @ 4:00 via pin

-After the match, Ray yells at Abyss. Gunner and Jarrett are out, and they all yell at Abyss. They call him stupid and then say to stop screwing up. Abyss is a sad panda here. He goes to attack Ray, and then Immortal beat down Abyss. Ray gets a table and sets it up. Anderson now makes the save for Abyss, but gets leveled. Ray then BUBBA BOMBS Anderson through the table.

-Kurt Angle meets with James Storm backstage. Angle says Storm could have beaten Roode, and Storm says Angle cost him the match. Angle says Roode took advantage of Storm, and Storm then says Roode knew nothing about Angle getting involved. Angle says that Storm is just taking Roode at his word and says that it is great and leaves. We have a confused cowboy.

-Jarrett says he feels great about the match with Roode. He promises that Roode will not make it out alive.

-Tenay and Tazz hype the Bound for Glory card.

-We get another Bobby Roode video package.

Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Jarrett & Gunner w/Karen Jarrett
Roode tries to stay away, into the ring and Roode fights off both men. Roode manages to keep control, flying forearm to Gunner and looks for the crossface, but Gunner escapes. Rights to Gunner, off the ropes and JJ trips up Roode and Gunner takes control. They double-team Roode, who fights back and tosses JJ to the floor. Chops to Roode, to the second rope and JJ knocks him off. Immortal in control here, high knee by Gunner and he covers for 2. Immortal does the Beer Money suplex, totally mocking Roode. Roode is PISSED now and gives them the double bird and then a double clothesline. Roode on fire here, cleaning house and then gets the blockbuster on JJ. Gunner makes the save. Boot by Roode, clotheslines Gunner to the floor. JJ looks for the stroke, spinebuser by Roode! Crossface timer on JJ! Gunner in, nope, crossface for him! he taps!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Bobby Roode @ 4:00 via submission

-JJ attacks after the match, but Roode fights back. Here comes Immortal! They beat down the #1 contender but here comes James Storm! Storm makes the save, but the numbers game gets to him as well as Kurt Angle makes his way out. They hold Roode up, but JEFF HARDY is out to help out. Hardy cleans house on Immortal and gets the twist of fate on Jarrett to clear out the ring. Storm and Roode are less than excited to see him as Hardy tries to say he is making things right. He offers his hand, and Storm bats it away. Roode accepts the handshake. James Storm is NOT happy, but then helps raise Hardy's hand with Roode. They all hug.

-Jeff Hardy says he saves the next world champion and was making things right. JJ is there, and says they used to have a friendship. He says Hardy is out of chances, and he is not welcomed here. In three days, they have BFG and Hardy better not show up. Hardy calls JJ a flounder, and mentions he is going to buy his BFG ticket.

-Borash announces Hogan and Sting.

Hogan and Sting make their way to the ring. Borash says they agreed to the contract, and now it is time to sign. Sting signs the contract, and now it is Hogan's turn. Hogan takes his time, and looks over the contract. Should have done that earlier. He signs. Borash says it is official, they will face at Bound for Glory. Hogan flips the table and says he has something to say. He has been watching Sting dance around him for over 30-years, and while they had an encounter, Sting was happy when it was over. But for Sting to come to TNA, in the twilight of his career, as he tried to make things right, with Bischoff to get the company back on track, which Sting and the originals could not do, Sting went down low and hid from Hogan. And now, when Hogan was at peace, he dropped the bomb. Hogan says if he wanted the real Hogan, he got him. Hogan then says be careful what you wish for, one more time, the career is over, but since Sting insulted him and embarrassed him, he lets him now it will be the fight of his life brother. No one else involved, it will be them man on man, one walks out of the ring and one doesn't. Brother. Hulk offers his hand and Sting shakes it. Hogan promises no one else involved. Bischoff is out, and says since Sting attacked Bischoff, Bischoff will kick his ass. Hogan chair shots Sting and slowly beats him down in the corner. Hogan says he hopes Sting is ready as he chokes him out and the show ends…

* PRE-SHOW MATCH - TNA Tag Team Title Match: Mexican America © vs. Ink Inc.
* Crimson vs. Matt Morgan vs. Samoa Joe
* I Quit Match: AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels
* Full Metal Mayhem: RVD vs. Jerry Lynn
* Falls Count Anywhere Match: Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson
* TNA Knockouts Title Match: Winter © vs. Velvet Sky vs. Mickie James​ vs. Madison Rayne
* TNA X-Division Title Match: Austin Aries © vs. Brian Kendrick
* No DQ Match: Sting vs. Hulk Hogan (If Sting Wins Dixie Carter Gets Control of TNA Back)
* TNA World Title Match: Kurt Angle © vs. Bobby Roode

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