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WWE RAW Results - October 17th, 2011
Published by Ryan Clark on 10/16/2011 at 11:57 PM

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, October 17th, 2011 (USA Network)
Location: Arena Ciudad de Mexico in Mexico City, Mexico
Results by Tony Acero of 411

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

We are LIVE and in Color! We start the show with Justin Roberts calling out Johnny Ace. The Mexicans are quite loud, and I'm not talking about the ones in my house! There's a clip showing last week's happenings with Trips and what not. Johnny Ace starts with, "Que Pasa...." alright....haha. He says that tonight marks the return of Rey Mysterio......well, Rey's return to San Diego to check on the status of his knee, silly people. He says these Mexicans have no sense of humor. He claims that the Board has confidence in him and he will not let them down nor will he let us down. He may make some mistakes but asks for our consideration and understanding...seriously. He admits that firing JR was a mistake. Ace said for US, he is welcoming back Good Ol Jim Ross. If it's a midget, I sue....

And we get.......Jim Ross, the real one! Well ain't that some shit? Ace wants Jim Ross to come to the ring so that Ace can make a public apology. I smell somethin afoot!! Johnny Ace hilariously hugs Jim Ross...hahahaha. Oh that's just golden. Ace says he shouldn't have fired JR and he owes him an apology. He did not bring Jim Ross to commentate, though...Last week, when JR did the walk of shame, something happened during the break that he thinks Ross should watch. What they show is a Michael Cole promo where he tries to make the crowd sing along with the Good Bye chant. The crowd does not follow suit, but Ricardo Rodriguez does. Back Live and this is great, having a spotlight on announcers as opposed to, you know, wrestlers. Anyways, Ace thinks the differences between Cole and JR should be settled tonight. The Main Event of the night, Michael Cole and WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Jim Ross and...John Cena. Yes, that is your Main Event. Michael Cole talks shit from atop the announcer's desk.

Before the next match, they announce Orton vs. Rhodes for Vengeance. Should be good.

Match 1: Randy Orton, John "Allbutfired" Morrison and Sheamus vs. Christian, Cody Rhodes and Mark Henry
We're startin this bad boy with Christian and Orton. The crowd chants for Randy, complete with Mexican accent as Chrsitian hits a hard right then the ropes. Orton with a clothesline! He otsses Christian to the corner and mounts Christian for the punches. The crowd counts along (disappointingly in English). Orton tags in Sheamus and Christian quickly tags in Rhodes and rolls out of the ring. Lock up turned into a sideheadlock from Cody. They hit the ropes and Sheamus with a shoulderblock! Sheamus sends Rhodes into the corner and hits some hard rights, a couple lefts and finally stomps the mudhole. He sends Christian to the opposite corner but Rhodes fights out of it. Of course, it's short lived and Sheamus sends Rhodes to the ropes. Rhodes with a kick though, which stalls Sheamus. Rhodes gives a cheap shot to Orton but is flipped over and flapjacked by Sheamus! Rhodes tags in Henry. Henry gets in slowly as Orton runs around the apron to attack Rhodes! Rhodes high tails it up the ramp as Orton follows and we go to break.

Back to the show and Henry is giving Morrison a headbutt before tagging in Christian. Christian goes up top and flies for a press but Morrison moves. Morrison with a flying lateral press of his own from the top rope into a pin for 1...2...Nope. Morrison hits the ropes. heel kick and a pin for 1...2..nope. Christian goes for the kill switch but Morrison reverses it into the standing C4. Morrison is distracted by Henry so Christian takes the opportunity to attack the neck then tag in Henry. Henry with another headbutt onto Morrison. He drags Morrison to the corner then steps on the chest of Morrison, using the rope. He kicks Morrison then tags in Christian. Christian lifts Morrison up fo ra hard right then we get a headlock from behind as Christian scrapes Morrison's face with a forearm. Morrison breaks out of it with a kick to the head of Christian and looks for the tag, he's too slow though as Christian tags in Henry and Henry hits Morrison in the back then locks in a bear hug. Morrison tries to fight out of it but Henry sends Morrison to the corner. Morrison with a back elbow! Morrison with a boot to Henry! Morrison with a Tornado DDT, but No Henry tries to send him over the top rope. Morrison hangs him up, though and goes for a dropkick through the ropes! Things get a bit out of hand when Sheamus and Christian get into it and they are outside the ring, fighting in the crowd!

Back in the ring, Morrison hits a springboard Enziguri off the ropes then attacks, but Henry catches him mid air and hits the World's Strongest Slam!! Henry pins for the 1...2...3!!
Winners: Christian, Cody Rhodes, John Morrison (**)
Pretty average match with no real rhythm, and was obviously more to sell this coming Sunday than actually having something good.

Brodus Clay gets a new promo vid with a voice over from him. It's convincing, I just hope his training consists more than the squash matches he's had in recent months.

In the back, Ace is on the phone. The Bellas come in and grab either arm. They speak in stereo as Ace gets their name wrong. They say that Ace shouldn't forget how important they are to RAW and he says he did not forget, then calls someone. Ricardo Rodriguez comes in and says that Del Rio is here as Ace tells him to wait. Del Rio comes out and says that teaming with Cole is crazy and unfit. Ace says that Del Rio needs to understand him. The winner of the match tonight will pick the stipulation of the title match on Sunday.

Match 2: Eve vs. Natalya
We start with a lockup! Natalya powers Eve to the corner then gives her a hard uppercut. She talks mucho masa as Eve fires back! Eve with a right, a kick, hits the ropes and Natalya spins before hitting a clothesline and pins for 2. Natalya with an abdominal stretch on Eve. Eve elbows the leg of natalya and turns around for a hit. She floats over, goes for a roll up but Natalya stomps on Eve's chest. Natalya goes for an ass smack (I thought they were against that) then plants Eve's face to the mat. Natalya with a kick to the gut. Eve fires back with a back elbow, goes for a springboard kick, but Natalya ducks and sends Eve to the corner face first. Even fights back though with a hard clothesline and goes up top for a moonsault. She overshoots just a tad, but it looked pretty. Pin for 1...2..3!!!
Winner: Eve (*1/2)
Nothing impressive, but gives Eve some sort of credibility for her upcoming match. I doubt they'll give her the belt, but she seems a bit more fine tuned than most other Divas so we'll see. She also looked cute tonight.

Vengeance is brought to you by Crystal Method ft. Yelawolf.

Punk is out first. The Miz's music hits and he comes out. Haha, The Miz essentially tells the crowd to shut their mouth and they're stupid. Oh Miz, you silly man. I love Punk's face as R-Truth raps. I bet he has the same face when he listens to Lil Wayne. Miz cuts a short promo reminding Punk of the beatdown he recieved at Hell in a Cell. Miz wants to know what hurts more, the fact that Truth and he made sure he won't get a WWE Championship match for a very long time, or the fact that they did something that Punk could never do and have Triple h removed from running RAW. Truth on the mic and says that one thing they can't stand is someone who runs their mouth. Punk's facial expressions are great.

Triple H's (In CEO Gear, now an unlockable in WWE 12) music hits. It appears that Trips will be in the corner of Punk.

Match 3: CM Punk vs. The Miz
We start the match with Punk going for the leg! Nice. Punk locks in a chin lock/leg lock before Miz gets to the ropes. Both men up and Punk turns a lock up into a side headlock. He alternates arms, spins around to a go behind and we get a belly to back suplex and a pin for 1. Punk with a front face headlock locked in but Miz turns out of it and locks in a side headlock into a take over to the mat. He keeps it locked in on the ground much to the chagrin of the crowd. Punk sends Miz to the ropes and Miz comes back with a hard shoulderblock. Miz hits the ropes again but Punk leaps over Miz and hits a dropkick. Miz runs to the outside but Punk dives between the top and 2nd rope into Miz! Punk sends Miz inside the ring and hits a hilo then pins for 2.

Punk with a hard chop in the corner. Whip to the opposite corner, he goes for the knee but Miz moves and Punk flies over the ropes to the ground. Truth looks like he's going to attack but CEO-H is there to give him the evil eye. Punk is on the apron and hangs The Miz up over the ropes. Miz uses the ropes to clothes to springboard into a clothesline and a pin for 1..2..nope. Punk sends Miz to the corner, then the opposite corner headfirst. Snapmare into a kick to the back and a pin gets 2. Punk sends Miz to the corner and gives him an elbow to the head but Miz fights out of it. Miz with some kicks to the head of Punk. Punk is up and fights back with some hard kicks of his own. He then hits three hard ones to the chest of Miz. Punk hits the ropes and Truth trips him up. Triple H enters the ring, distracting the ref and Miz and Truth attack! The ref turns around and Miz locks in a chin lock on the mat. Miz is in the corner and he hits his flying clothesline into Punk! Miz is up top, he goads punk up and hits an Axe Handle. Miz with some blows to the side of Punks face then locks in a cravat but Punk fights out of it. Punk with a back suplex! Punk runs to the corner, looking to go for the knee, but Miz counters, goes up top again and looks for the Axe Handle. But Punk counters with a spinning Heel kick!!! Miz sends Punk to the outside of the ring then distracts the ref and here's Truth to smack him with a bottle of water. Triple H comes around the ring and sends Truth up the ramp! Just as Truth hits the stage, Johnny Ace and some suits comes down with some papers saying that there seems to be an immigration problem. It appears that Triple H is illegally in Mexico (how dare he!!!) and Ace just can't have that....Truth is there mocking Triple H so Trips socks him in the face as we go to break....ok, what about the match?

It appears it's still going on. Miz with a cravat and Truth is ringside. Punk is trying hard to fight out of it and does so with some rights then a few kicks to the legs of Miz. Punk send Miz to the ropes, a clotheslines, another, then a swinging neckbreaker! Punk is in the corner, he flies with a high knee to Miz! Punk puts Miz into position for the elbow! He goes up top, points to the sky....Savage Elbow drop to Miz! Punk calls for the GTS. Truth gets on the apron and Punk hits a right. Punk with the fireman's carry, Miz gets out of it, goes for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Punk sends Miz to the ropes, right into Truth! Punk with a roll up for the 1...2...3!!!
Winner: No Contest (***)
I enjoyed this match heavily and was afraid they were going to end it well. I'm glad they allowed it to continue after the unnecessary interruption. Again, the idea was alright, but the execution didn't work for me.

Immediately after the match, Truth and Miz go on the attack. Miz hits a hard ass kick to the stomach of Punk and they continue the beatdown! Here comes some refs to break it all up! They alk Miz and Truth to the back as Punk lays in the ring. Oh but no, Truth ain't done! He comes back in and hits Pay Dirt! Miz follows and tries to talk the refs out of the ring, showing compliance...only for him to hit the Skull Crushing Finale on Punk! Nice beat down.

Anyone notice that both times I've mistakenly named a winner, it's been Morrison? haha. Wishful thinking, I guess.

When we come back, The Spanish Announce team gets some love!

CON PERMISO!!!! Vickie Guerrero on the mic, complete with a Folklorico type dress. Even though she lives in El Paso, she is considered a Goddess in Mexico. She is the Angelina Jolie of Mexico City...but without all the adopted brats. Unlike Angelina, she is more than just a pretty face. Because of her incomparable business acumen, Ace has allowed Swagger and Ziggler to a match against Air Boom this Sunday. Dolph Ziggler is on the mic and knows that there's plenty out there who wish they could leave Mexico and come to US just like he does now. He says America is the cat's pajamas and that's where everyone want to be, but the crowd will never make it! Tonight you get the next best thing, the All American American American American American, Jack Swagger and the US Champ Dolph Ziggler in action. Jack Swagger wants everyone to rise for America's National Anthem. He does about as good as Marlee Matlin before Zack Ryder's music cuts him off.

Match 4: Jack Swagger vs. Zack Ryder
Swagger with a lift and nice ass body slam before running into Swagger in the corner. Swagger with some rights into the adjacent corner then runs right into some knees before Ryder hits the Ruff Ryder and pins 1...2...3!!!! What?!!?
Winner: Zack Ryder (1/2*)
I guess they're trying to give us the impression that the Ruff Ryder can come out of nowhere or something. Some will love this, others will hate it. I'm indifferent.

Ziggler and Swagger go to corner Ryder but Mason Ryan's music hits and he comes down to backup Ryder. Ryan gets on the mic and tells Ziggler that he's got a match next, oooo you didn't knoooow?!

Match 5: Mason Ryan vs. Dolph Ziggler
We come back with match in progress and Ryan sends Ziggler to the outside. Ziggler back in and kicks the knee of Ryan. Dolph with some rights, hits the ropes and runs right into the wall that is Mason Ryan, flying out of the ring to the outside. He's back in only for Ryan to send him outside once again. Dolph back in the ring once again and does not look interested in this match at all. He kicks the knee again and does some rights, again, a nice dropkick that doesn't connect. Ryan with a bodyslam then sends Ziggler to the ropes and hits what looks like it should be a boot but ends up being a knee. Ziggler goes out of the ring AGAIN and Ryan follows. Ziggler gets behind Vickie and Vickie slaps him right in the face. Ryan runs into the ring with a hard clothesline to Ziggler then sends Ziggler to the corner. Hard rights follow as the ref counts to 5. Ryan doesn't listen to the ref and we get a DQ! Ryan doesnt care as he continues to attack Ziggler. He bench presses him but Swagger comes in and eats a boot! Ryan then lifts up Dolph with a spinning powerslam!
Winner: Dolph Ziggler via DQ (*1/2)
Ryan is still sloppy in the ring, this time he was not on point at least two times and it looked kind of bad. At least he didn't try the Tree of Woe again.

In the back, JR is lacing up his boots. Cena comes in to visit and JR is saying that he's too old for this shit, yo. He doesn't want to screw this thing up for Sunday. Cena says that JR is a WWE Hall of Famer and everyone here knows that JR is the greatest voice the WWE has had. He tells Cena that Del Rio has never beaten him and he won't tonight. JR says, if you put it like that, JR kind of wants to get his hands on that son of a bitch Michael Cole.

Back near the ring, Cole is on the mic saying JR makes the crowd puke. He is going to take JR's ego and self pity and put him out of his misery. He might even in John Cena. By the way, mi esposa is Mexican so we have to cheer for him....well, we know he eats good.

Josh Mathews is here to replace Cole. He and King go over the full card.

We've got about 15 minutes left so this match is either going to go the distance or we're going to have some bullshit go down.

Match 6: Alberto Del Rio and Michael Cole vs. John Cena and Jim Ross
It looks like we are starting with Cole and Jim Ross. Cole is talking crap as JR sizes him up. JR slaps the taste out of Cole's mouth and Cole quickly tags in Del Rio. JR tags in Cena. Lockup with Del Rio taking over using a sideheadlock. The run the ropes. Cena with a leap frog then an arm drag. Side headlock from Cena. They do the exact sequence only Del Rio hits the arm drag and the pin for 2. Del Rio with a chin lock from behind. Cena with a back suplex and a pin for 2. The crowd boos the pin. Cena with his own cravat on Del Rio. Del Rio uses the arm band to assist him with a back suplex and a pin for 2. Del Rio with a cravat...ok guys, come on. Cena with a gutwrench Suplex and a pin for 2! He runs to the corner but Del Rio moves and Cena hits the turnbuckle chest first. The crowd seems to be behind Del Rio. Del Rio with some kidney shots before choking up Cena on the ropes. Cole then hits a cheap shot on Cena while the ref is distracted. Del Rio with a foot onto Cena, using the ropes. Cena is on the apron and Del Rio hits him with a hard right. Cole with another cheapshot to the face of Cena! Del Rio with a kick then pins for 1...2..Cena with the shoulder up. Del Rio with a kick then goes to the top rope! Double Axe handle and a pin for 1...2..No!! Del RIo quick with a kick to the gut of Cena. Del Rio with a knee to the face of the fallen Cena, using the ropes.

Del Rio taunts Cena as Cole cheers him on. Del Rio with a suplex and floats over for a pin but gets only a 2. Del Rio with the mount and hits some hard rights to Cena. Del Rio with a cravat from behind. Cena is fighting out of it with his strength and the crowd dislikes it! Del Rio with a kick, hits the ropes, Cena gets the Fireman's Carry, but Del Rio floats behind and hits a German Suplex pin for 1...2..NO!! Del Rio with some right forearms then a front face lock! Cena breaks out of it with an STO but Del Rio gets out of it himself and hits a twilt-a-whirl back breaker and a pin for 1..2..No!! Del Rio with an Enziguri in the corner and pins for 1...2..NO!!!! Del Rio shows frustration and kicks Cena in the shoulder. Del Rio goes up top and tries for a leg drop? but Cena moves. Here comes the flurry of moves. Cena with the shoulderblocks, protobomb, No Me Puedes VER!!! Five Knuckle Shuffle! Del Rio quickly tags in Cole. Cena grabs Cole and brings him into the ring unceremoniously. Cole is begging for forgiveness. He extendds out his hand for Cena. Cena grabs the hand and puts Cole up top. Attitude Adjustment! Cena is going for the STF, but decides it's Jim Ross's turn. Ross is in and he grabs the ankle of Cole for the Ankle Lock! Cole taps.
Winners: Jim Ross and John Cena (**1/2)
There were far too many restholds for my liking, but that's truly a personal preference and I'm aware of that. It picked up, however, near the end and Del Rio did get a majority of the offense. True, Cena decided that selling wasn't essential to the match, both during and after.

After the match, Del Rio pulls Cena out of the ring and tries to attack but Cena hits an AA on Del Rio on the outside of the ring! Cena asks for the mic. He begins a count all the way up to 7, and Del Rio is up. Cena runs towards him and hits a clothesline. Cena grabs the steps ad sets em up sideways. He grabs the top portion of them and rams Del Rio right in the head. Del Rio is out! Cena with the mic again, and counts to ten. It looks like we are having Last Man's Standing Match at Vengeance.

End Show.

Credit: Tony Acero

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