Atlas DaBone’s Injury, Bill Goldberg, Hogan’s Affair Pics

Regarding WWE developmental wrestler Atlas DaBone’s torn ligament knee injury, he suffered the injury at a Raw house show back in January. He’s been out of action for two months because of it.

Former World Champion Bill Goldberg is marketing a new coffee called “Jackhammer Java.” Visit for more information.

The Post Chronicle has posted an image of Hulk Hogan’s apparent mistress, 33-year-old Christiane Plante, on their website. Plante is a former friend of Hulk’s daughter Brooke, and she reportedly had an affair with Hulk when his marriage with Linda was on the rocks. Linda had left Hulk already, although no official divorce papers had been filed. Plante issued a statement to The National Enquirer regarding her alleged affair with the wrestling legend: “Terry is a good man, good father and a good friend, and he and I grew close at a time when he was going through a very difficult period.

It seemed right then, but I know it was wrong. Having felt the guilt and pain build up, I gave a note to Brooke apologising for my actions. I will never be able to fully forgive myself for this. I have lost an amazing friend.” Furthermore, a number of celebrity news sites and blogs posted lingerie photos of a blonde women saying that it was Plante, but the images were of the wrong person. Last week, The National Enquirer released a photo of Plante.

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