‘Mania 24 Match Booking, Mae Young’s HOF Inductor, Lita

— Scenarios for a number of matches at WrestleMania are still up in the air. Many wrestlers are politicking and giving their ideas for how they want things to go down in their respective matches.

— Mae Young’s WWE Hall of Fame inductor(s) will likely be either Stephanie McMahon or a slew of babyface WWE Divas.

— A number of WWE wrestlers were said to be shocked over the apparent $20 million payoff Floyd Mayweather is getting for his appearance at WrestleMania. Many believe that it’s a worked number because they couldn’t accept the figure as possible. Additionally, some wrestlers felt that their WrestleMania payoffs — traditionally, the biggest of the year — will be sized down if Mayweather doesn’t draw enough pay-per-views buys. If the $20 million figure is accurate, the show will need to do about 1.8 million buys to economically justify Mayweather’s price tag. Last year’s show finished with a record 1.25 million buys. One person directly involved with the situation was told that Mayweather’s figure is actually $1 to $2 million plus a significant percentage from the amount of PPV buys. However, Shane McMahon, a leading executive, said it was $20 million to the media.

— WWE.com is celebrating Women’s History Month. All month long every Wednesday and Saturday, they plan on spotlighting some of the most notable women in the history of wrestling. The first person profiled is Lita, although it’s basically a link to her WWE Alumni profile. Trish Stratus, Sable, Fabulous Moolah, Sherri Martel and Sunny are featured on the splash banner.

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