Mayweather’s Pay, Finlay, ‘Mania 24, Ray Lewis/UFC, More

The Grand Rapids Press is Michigan has an article up about some of the doubts going around about whether WWE is actually paying Floyd Mayweather $20 million to appear at WrestleMania. has an article up about Finlay in which he talks about his partnership with Wisconsin native Hornswoggle.

The Carmike Cinemas chain will be playing WWE’s Greatest Superstars of WrestleMania on 3/14. The DVD will be released exclusively via Walmart.

UFC President Dana White shot down rumors that NFL star Ray Lewis was on the verge of signing with the UFC. White told, “Believe me, if Ray Lews was going to sign in the UFC, I’d be aware of it. It’s not true. It’s the first I’ve heard of it. It’s a bullshit story”.

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