WWE Diva Not Released, Vince/Cena/Y2J/Floyd On Larry King

There were some reports going around credited to The Wrestling Observer that developmental diva Beverly Mullins had been released by WWE. Those reports are inaccurate as it was never reported in the Observer, not to mention that she was in attendance at last night’s Florida Championship Wrestling show. A picture of her at last night’s show has surfaced online, and the fan who took the photo with her said she’s out of action at the moment due to two broken ribs. Mullins goes by the name “Daisy” in the promotion.

According to CNN.com, some WWE stars will be appearing on Larry King Live on Thursday, March 13. Vince McMahon, John Cena, Chris Jericho, and Floyd Mayweather will be appearing on the show. Here is the official preview: “Larry knows how to wrestle with his guests, but this time he really goes to the mat! The WWE and the King knock heads for a few rounds. Vince McMahon, John Cena, Chris Jericho, and Floyd Mayweather have something to say with their muscles and their mouths. Brawl with the big boys!”

We have received more information on the recent release of developmental wrestler Silas Young. From what we understand, Young was actually let go a few weeks back. He was told to call the WWE office in about six months. WWE didn’t want to bring anymore wrestlers down to Tampa until the Florida Championship Wrestling group is better organized. There is no truth to the story that he couldn’t afford the move, as he has a good job outside of the wrestling business.

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