WWE & TNA News: Hornswoggle, JBL, Rock, Joe’s Future

Despite being attacked by JBL on TV Hornswoggle is currently scheduled to appear at Saturday’s WWE live event in his hometown of Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Billy Batson and the Legend of Shazam starring The Rock will hit theatres on 8/17/09.

Tickets for TNA’s tour of Great Britain this summer go on sale on 3/10.

The Miami Herald has an interview up with Tomko. In the interview, he talks about how he has creative freedom in TNA and says that giving the workers creative freedom results in a better product.

A local Michigan publication has an article now online on Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin training the openly gay teen that will be featured on MTV’s “Made.” The article talks about Shelley and Sabin coming to the boy’s high school back in December and features quotes from the boy who is revealed as Chris Hendricks. Hendricks trained for six weeks and made his wrestling debut at an independent event in a match with The Motor City Machine Guns to face Petey Williams, N8 Mattson, & Tyson Dux at the end of January. Several other TNA wrestlers will be featured on the show which will air on Saturday.

There are still plans for Samoa Joe to have a run with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship later this year. It is likely that Samoa Joe will face Kurt Angle for the title next month at Lockdown, however, nothing is known regarding the outcome.

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